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NEW: Art Portraits I Human & animal symbiosis

At first I just wanted to recreate the picture with the raven that I came across in various versions on the internet. Then I found the photographer, whose name I unfortunately can't remember, and discovered that he had depicted one and the same real woman in ever-changing combinations with different animals and post-processing. An idea that made me curious to what extent these kinds of photos could be realised with DAZ Studio. I recreated a second picture based on his model and then let my own imagination run wild. Under the theme ‘Man & animal - a symbiosis in nature’, I let various female characters find their animal counterpart, the animal complement to their human soul. Connected in heart and soul, each lending an eye to the other in order to view the world from different perspectives, to be able to complement each other and to be helpful to each other. A symbiosis between humans and animals ... In contrast to the source of inspiration, I used different characters so that I could adapt them with suitable animals according to my ideas. I also went my own way in terms of perspective, overall depiction and post-processing, framing the images more tightly and making the figures more detailed. It was a time-consuming endeavour, but not every creature turned out the way I wanted, and the positioning of humans and animals was sometimes adventurous. After the postwork with Paintshop, the images seemed too sterile and boring, so I worked my way through various photo apps to find the right look for each pair. I didn't post-process any of the images with AI. Even though some of the filters used were designed as elaborate templates, I deliberately set each of these filters in exactly the shape, colour and intensity you see now. Nothing was left to chance. As I would also like to sell some of these pictures as high-quality art prints with the art print publisher PRINTLER, I also focussed on the quality of the pictures, which unfortunately always suffers somewhat with extreme post-processing. So I'm all the more pleased that some of the pictures have already passed this hurdle and are available at PRINTLER. It remains to be seen which other images will fulfil these requirements. I will upload some suggestions for decorating the images authorised by PRINTLER here. Have fun browsing ...

Butterfly Lady

"Every time you called me stupid, I learned something new. About you." -kianism

DAZ I Art Portraits

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