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Translation Magic World

Magical adventures from the land between worlds

about the story

I don't really see myself as a writer. But when the task was set for a DAZ Studio content to render figures from the current freebies, I dealt with the smaller, older DAZ figures for the first time. This is how the little magic girl Nikita came into being. Since several pictures were requested, the girls Chepi and Myorin were created. Because just posting pictures is boring, I came up with a little vita for the characters. Then the first males came along and I was in the middle of a magical story. I will continue to write this in stages, just for fun. Let's see what else happens in the land between the worlds. If you're curious, just stop by from time to time...

About the story


Suddenly and without warning, the sky darkens. A vague, faint whirring noise, rapidly approaching, spreads across the flat hill. First softly, then louder and louder, it unerringly approaches the man who is standing motionless on the hill, waiting. Huge, lonely and quiet he endures there. Destination for the thousands upon thousands of black ravens and corvids, coming back from all directions of the country. A seemingly wild swarm of black wings flapping powerfully, screeching, screaming and fighting for the supposedly best spot. But the impression is deceptive. The jet black proud birds form an intelligent, well-organized unit. Each animal has a fixed place and its special task in this association. They are the legions of the Raven Lord, lord of the land between the worlds.

RavenLord, or CorvusDominus as he is addressed in the inner circle, is what appears to be a young man with an ancient soul. Born to a hermit and, how could it be otherwise, a beautiful young woman from the New World, he is grew up in the seclusion of nature. What he loved best was hanging around in nature all day long, looking behind every bush, climbing 1001 trees just to see from what height he could jump to the ground without being injured. He quickly made friends with the animals of the forest. He entrusted his thoughts to them, his anger with his parents when they warned him not to waste the whole day doing nothing. These magical creatures seemed to be listening to him, even understanding him. They reflected his feelings and fears and helped him to develop a calm and solid self-image.

As he grew older, he got bigger and bigger. At times it seemed that he wanted to compete with the crowns of the tall, old trees. But at some point, around the time his voice broke, he stopped growing. He towered over the few people he had contact with other than his parents. This frightened the people who lived there, and so the young man, who was named Ylann by his parents at birth, withdrew further and further into the dark forest. Ylann's name means "forest", as if his parents knew what would become of him.

One day, when he was once again calling out his ambivalent thoughts into the forest, a raven came flying. He sat down on the lowest branch of the tree where Ylann had made himself comfortable. Only after a while did he notice the black fellow and addressed the word to him. The raven watched him attentively and came closer. He made a croaking sound, but Ylann was still too fascinated by his new acquaintance to listen to the unfamiliar sounds closely. One by one, black birds with gleaming feathers and wise, knowing eyes came flying in from all directions. After a pause on the branches of the tree, they scrambled around the raven that spotted Ylann first. They croaked and chattered and the young man was just about to make a defensive hand movement when the supposed cacophony slowly seemed to clear up. The sounds became clearer and although no actual words formed before Ylann's astonished eyes, he could still hear the birds. They seemed curious, but some were also upset. One of the two largest, blackest and apparently oldest birds explained to him that this dark forest was actually their home. That they didn't want to tolerate anyone human here in the depths of the forest.

Ylann was confused, and also a little annoyed that he didn't want to be driven out of his familiar territory. The second of the two huge ravens seemed more sensitive to the young man's distress. Not only his grief over the situation, but also his soul, which is deeply devoted to nature. The black birds caught his cleverness, but also his natural authority and leadership, which he had acquired through living with the animals in the dark forest. So they decided to team up with the young man.

From their far-reaching flights throughout the land between worlds, they kept coming back to him, bringing with them more and more ravens and crows from all over the land. They reported to him what they saw and what was happening across the country. In this way, Ylann was able to intervene to balance some problems and disputes.

This has been going on for many, many years and over time he forgot his old name and became the raven prince, lord of the whole land between the worlds, withdrawn, almost invisible and yet secretly the threads and fate of the land between the worlds safe holding in his hands.

He is also interested in the well-being of the magic girl Nikita..


Nikita is a young sorcerer's apprentice who lives with her grandfather in the deep woods of afterlife and was supposed to focus on the art of enchanting and disenchanting. But like all teenagers in this world, she has a mind of her own and has decided to learn the Asian art of the ninja. She is quite talented but not always fully focused. It can happen that she gets a little distracted by the shenanigans of the tomcat LuZifer.                                                                                                             


Once you have crossed the dark forest where Nikita, the magic girl, lives, you come to a light-flooded plain with beautiful colorful flowers. This is where the silver dragons live. They are leisurely creatures who are well aware of their ancient power and meaning. They don't like people because they are often loud and superficial. But the young Chepi, a hybrid being, half human and cheeky teenager and half charming elf, has managed to get into the heart of the old dragons to sneak. After all, she has run away from home because there has been little understanding for her divided feelings and thoughts. The kindness and protection of the dragons she thanks them with indomitable loyalty. Something that has unfortunately become rather rare these days.                                                    


The old silver dragons move through the dark enchanted forest and across colorful meadows to show their offspring their homeland. They are also extremely curious. They like to stick their fine noses, which one does not really think a fire-breathing creature is capable of, into all sorts of matters. As you know, a dragon's life is infinitely long, so that it can get boring every now and then.
Always keeping an eye on the offspring, the old dragon is leisurely roaming across the colorful flower meadows when the sky suddenly turns purple and is torn apart by bright lightning. The little dragon screams in terror when they see the blinking monster that has appeared in their meadow.
Sniffing the direction of the shiny being with their fine noses, they notice a slender figure with flowing blue hair, who hesitantly approaches them. What they don't know yet is that they have encountered a being from another world.
Myorin, that's the name of the young, obviously female creature, cautiously approaches the two with outstretched hand. Myorin means "mysterious/strange" ("myo") and "forest" ("rin"). There, in the strange forest, she has found a colorful, delicately glowing egg, which she is now holding out questioningly to the old dragon....                                                                                                                                   


Not far from the cottage where Nikita lives with her uncle is an old mansion. Most of it has fallen into disrepair, but an adjoining room was able to withstand wind and weather. Here lives, largely unrecognized, the DarkLord. Coming from far away with his dark friend, from a land between worlds, he just wanted to take a short break and then move on. Knowing of the ancient arts of his people, he moved far away a long time ago to explore new worlds, other people and their magic. This old room fascinated him because he could feel the power and wisdom of its former inhabitants.
So he straightened the old furniture, sifted through the forgotten equipment and collected fruits, herbs and all sorts of obscure objects that we probably don't want to get to know better.
As the only living being, he tolerates the cheeky cat LuZifer in his vicinity. This little stray spotted him on one of his outings and obviously finds DarkLord's behavior very interesting. As a precaution, he appears in the secluded hut in his black form. You never know what Nikita's uncle, Lucifer's master, thinks of his animal protégé's excursions. He is reluctant to put up with his little sister LiLu on his excursions. But as it is, he can be sure that his little excursions will remain a secret for both of you. for the time being...                                                                                                                              


In addition to Nikita's uncle and the DarkLord, the enchanted forest is home to Shadow Man, who is surrounded by dark magic. Once arrived from the land between worlds with his friend DarkLord, he spends his days invisible, always searching for the right, the darkest, the most magical place of all places. His powers, his Dark demeanor too strong for him to live with his friend DarkLord. It remains to be seen whether, given the circumstances, their magic friendship will last...
That night, in a remote ruin, the Shadow Man seeks a magical connection to the saints of his ancestors. At irregular intervals he can absorb new old knowledge that is necessary to reach the next level of his dark power.
It will come as no surprise to anyone that the curious sorcerer's apprentice girl Nikita stumbles across his path that night. Not tired enough to sleep but no longer in the mood to deal with the rather dry, dusty magic subjects, she wanders aimlessly through the nocturnal dark magic forest. If a slight feeling of anxiety creeps in here and there, this is far outweighed by youthful curiosity. One of the party, how could it be otherwise, is the equally inquisitive tomcat LuZifer. He prefers the term inquisitive, not curious, it doesn't sound so profane, says the fluffy nose.
As you can easily see, the 3 dark figures have no fear of contact there at the mysterious fire. But in the long run, Nikita can deal with the dark forces that inevitably touch her when dealing with the Shadow Man ...                                                                                                                                             

Bild 6: AMELIE - One Person´s craziness is another person´s reality. (Tim Burton)

While Nikita wanders curiously down dark paths, her half-sister Amelie also tries her hand at higher magic at home on the edge of the land between the worlds.
The mother of the two girls, an ancient magician of light and dark magic who had renounced magic with her second husband, Nikita's father, could not get over the disappearance of her younger daughter Nikita for a long time. She still hoped that the genes of the absolutely "unmagical" father, her great love, would prevail in this girl. To her chagrin, she had to learn better and let the girl move in with her uncle.
Luckily, Amelie, the older, more sensible of the two girls, has stayed at home with a heavy heart and is trying to have a fulfilling teenage life there as best she can. But even though she has come to know and love the comforts of "good" civilization, she always feels a little out of place, incomplete, lonely. Something was missing in her soul to feel happy. In quiet rebellion, since Nikita's disappearance, she has refused to cut her beautiful, lustrous black hair, which has turned silvery streaks with grief.
One sunny afternoon, both parents were away, Amelie is bored rummaging around in her parents' dusty attic, as young people are good at. She looks into countless old boxes, rummaged through dusty boxes and almost tripped over a strange old carpet. Still distracted by a reddish glowing ball of wafer-thin glass lying between cobwebs on the window sill, she kneels on the slightly twitching carpet and doesn't want to believe it. Astonished and a little confused, she carefully takes the ball in her hands, looks into the restlessly pulsating glass and recognizes in it...                                           

... the yellow-reddish light of the delicate sphere flickers restlessly. But despite all efforts, no right picture wants to be shown. Hesitatingly, Amelie turns the ball in her small hands and thinks about what it could all mean. Suddenly a short, icy breeze sweeps across the attic. Amelie freezes from this sudden cold and decides to return to her own young girl's room immediately. Once there, her wildly sleeping heart calms down only slowly at the sight of her familiar kingdom.
A warm, bright room, which is dominated by rose wallpaper in soft red/pink tones and a huge round window, on whose comfortable ledge Amelie has spent many an hour dreaming, tearing and thinking about the wide world beyond the time between worlds . To dream she likes to use an old Rabbit mask, which according to ancient tales her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother gave her in her cradle. "If you look through the rabbit's eyes with a pure heart," they say, "you can take a look at your secret desires."
Whether Amelie doesn't quite trust her secret desires or whether she is unaware of her own magic is hard to say. In any case, she carefully peeps through the old mask with only one eye. The magic ball in her hand changes shape and now she can see. She recognizes a bright red head of hair and the big, a little cheeky looking eyes of her half-sister Nikita, who is playing merry hunting with LuZifer around her uncle's work table. Suddenly the longing grows great...                                                     

Bild 8: AMELIE & HOLDEN REED - Togehter To The Moon

... watch Nikita again and play all sorts of magical tricks with her without the ever-present eyes of her parents. The magic book that Amelie took with her on one of her previous "trips" to her home attic, she will take with her just in case. Perhaps there would be more details about this amazing sphere in there. That's when her eyes fell on the old magical magic alarm clock, which reliably shows the midnight hour "0" century after century, even without digits. The hour when the most impossible things can come true if you believe in them hard enough. The sphere's light slowly dimmed, a sign that the connection to Nikita was about to break. She bravely gave her heart a push. She just wants to see what would be going on there in the land beyond the time between worlds. The night is long, the parents are sound asleep, what should happen. She would be back for breakfast. Typical teenagers, quick to inspire and always curious and supposedly invulnerable, looking for new paths of their own. But Amelie didn't want to start this journey all alone. She quickly wrote a few lines to her special friend, Holden Reed, who quickly delivered Ban, her young white owl, so that he seemed to be with her in a blink of an eye. In magical fairy tales, time has its own way of working. Any adventure would have a happy ending with Reed. Holden Reed, a young man who...   


Bild 9: AMELIE & HOLDEN REED - Togehter To The Moon

... yes, an unusual young man is. Long ago, he and his father moved all the way from the land between worlds to near Amelie's childhood home as a young child, and he has no memory of his early childhood days. His mother could not separate from her family and the environment she loved, so Reed grew up without a mother. Whether it was out of grief or defiance, no one really knows anymore, in any case Holden Reed's father never told his son about his magical origins. So it may not come as a surprise that this boy has developed so differently from other boys his age. He goes through life rather thoughtfully, is extremely empathetic, has a wide range of interests and is open to anything unusual. He has exceptional intelligence, especially in the emotional realm. Not only is he able to quickly understand complex relationships and find adequate solutions to various problems, but he can also empathize very well and comprehensively with other people. He grasps your personality, your needs and views in a short time, expresses his interest in you and thus shows his counterpart a feeling of acceptance and respect. Qualities that make him very valuable to his fellow human beings, which unfortunately are extremely rare to find in the real world. What may sound so positive, however, keeps causing difficulties for Holden Reed in "Real Life". Since loyalty is extremely important to him, he often doesn't get along very well with the erratic, sometimes self-centered behavior of some people around him. Although the people who are with him find his manner very pleasant and always seek his company, he is not really comfortable with other people. He stands by his decisions and promises. Tolerance towards other ways of life and opinions shape his behavior. Something he obviously inherited from his father, since those traits in the land between worlds were essential to surviving in such a different world.

Perhaps these behaviors, so firmly established at a young age, are one of the reasons Reed has become more of a loner. He likes to be alone and roams the desert-like terrain around his father's house for hours, reflecting on himself and life. The only companions and friends are a small flock of jet black crows. These intelligent birds seem to be able to intuitively grasp his feelings and thoughts, giving him at least a temporary sense of understanding, calm and peace. In these moments of seemingly silent communion with the universe, a metamorphosis begins. Holden Reed's ears form slightly pricked elf ears, his sadness manifests in the mask of a sad clown, and an all-seeing eye becomes visible on his chest. An eye that can see into the dark, into the past. But now his magical senses have awakened and before Ban, Amelie's young owl can land at his feet, he knows that his friend, his kindred spirit is calling for him, needs his help. Amelie is the only person besides his father that he feels safe and complete around. He likes to use the welcome change and sets of ...

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Sequel follows ...

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