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Kreative Fotografie - Lost Place und Street Art

Documentation in words and pictures

II have made it my business to combine the art of lost places and ailing beauties with creative aspects. Not only to capture them photographically, but to look at them in the context of their story and, if possible, to bring them into connection with the people who have experienced this story (s). The same applies to street art, graffiti and murals. Here, too, it is about people, their feelings and problems as well as communicating with each other.

Juast me

Just me:

Through many years of show and stage presence in the dance and fire play area, I have become more than aware of the value of beautiful, meaningful pictures as a reflection of creativity, joy and memory. So changing sides was rather easy for me. You could also say that I have found my place behind the camera. Since I am not a fan of long texts, anyone who would like to know more about me and my way of photography can read on here (...).

Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints, keep nothing but memories!

This is the premise on which my site should be managed and collect more and more pictures and interesting information. After my husband, himself a photographer and artist, took me to my first Lost Place, these projects have become an affair of the heart for me. As a beginner behind the camera, I was quickly enthusiastic about the individual possibilities that the camera and my own perception offer me. After delving deeper into the subject, I realized that this hobby is extremely demanding and time-consuming. Not only finding the spots, but also processing and collecting background information takes a lot of time. For this purpose, I write to owners, contemporary witnesses and other people involved in order to get more detailed information about the property. I'm glad about every feedback. It shows me that my projects are also important to other people.

Lost places are buildings in recent history that have not been recorded historically or are not specifically mentioned due to lack of meaning. These have been forgotten in their original use and are not made accessible to a broader mass, like industrial monuments, for example. Abandoned houses etc. can also be of interest to the urbexer.

Bunkers, museums, special places: Here all military installations are to be grouped together with special museums and unusual places, such as the "castle" of a men's association. This department is in the planning stage.

Street art / graffiti / mural: I not only meet in many abandoned places but also as a special event that often brings artists from all over the world together creatively in special places in order to create a total work of art under a certain motto. Here, in the truest sense of the word, not only the pictures have their say, but also the artists and, let's see ...

DAZ Studio - Digital Art: Durch Zufall bin ich in der digitalen Welt gelandet. Das DAZ Studio ist ein 3D Modellierungsprogramm, mit dem man 1001 Möglichkeiten hat, Personen, Szenen, Situationen nach eigenen Vorstellungen dar zustellen. 2005 mit der Version 1.0 gestartet hat es immer mehr an Beliebtheit gewonnen. Die unendliche Vielfalt der Figuren, Charaktere und Umgebungen lassen erahnen, dass hier ein großes Maß an Geduld erfordert ist ;-). Man könnte fast glauben, dass mein Mann mir einen Workshop für Geduld damit an die Hand gegeben hat. *ggg* Also fange ich einfach mal an in dem Bewusstsein, immer mal wieder daneben zu liegen. Aber das macht nichts :-). Der Weg ist das Ziel und ich liebe u.a. diesen Weg. Meine Bewunderung gilt u.a. auch den Künstlern, die es schaffen, beinahe fotorealistische Bilder zu schaffen. Mein aktuelles Ziel hingegen liegt mehr auf der gestalterischen Seite. Mehr dazu findest du hier.

AI - Artificial Intelligence: Like most artists and people interested in art, I ultimately cannot avoid AI. I'm far too curious about what's new for my photography processing and digital image art. I familiarized myself with and played around with many apps and programs. After the 3rd app and the 1001 picture, I noticed the many similarities with the pictures that I had seen or produced myself. Right now I'm just playing around with the AI ​​a bit. I like a few things, but I haven't found the right "kick" yet. On the one hand, this may be due to the fact that I haven't yet mastered working with AI to the level that I would like, on the other hand, I haven't found a gap that suits me and my pictures. This does not mean that I reject AI, I currently use it. more marginally, for relaxation or if I can connect it to one of my paintings. I think that with the AI ​​apps you can produce faster and more images, but that's not really what drives me to create images.

Now follow me on my journey Past, decay and fallen beauties as well as other interesting places.

Another passion or a particular concern of mine is to add sayings, my own thoughts or wisdom to my pictures wherever I find it appropriate. You can find some examples here (...).

I used an automatic translation program for the translation. Should there be any errors or ambiguities, please let me know. I will correct the errors immediately.

More aubout me

More about me

My name is Kerstin Ellinghoven, I am over 50 and actually still young in the field of photography.

After my husband gave me a camera four years ago, as already mentioned, I switched sides relatively spontaneously and quickly realized that I feel much more comfortable at the other end of the lens.

I take photos with various Nikon brand cameras and gradually learn which equipment is best suited for which situations. I dedicate myself to my hobby with a lot of passion and intensity, but also with mindfulness and care. I learn, try out, sometimes let my gut instinct guide me and am always open to new ideas. I always get support and new input from my husband. I don't necessarily refer to myself as a photographer and / or an artist, because I don't learn photography as a job and I don't practice it professionally, but rather as a creative craftsman. If one or more pictures are sometimes perceived as art, I am of course happy, but that is not the purpose of my photography.


I started with the ever-popular bees and flowers, the latter being quite pragmatic models, because they usually stop nicely and don't chat. In addition to animals, I also like to have bipeds in front of the camera. I was allowed to photograph some weddings. Even if these days were very exhausting, I was able to experience great empathetic moments and capture them photographically. The enthusiasm and gratitude of the bride and groom were a higher wage for me than the agreed remuneration. I felt the same way with the baby bump shoot. Also an area with always new ideas and possibilities.


Since all these contact-intensive projects are currently on hold in the age of pandemics, I turned to Lost Place and street art photography. The former is actually a hobbyhorse of my husband, but she is also in good hands with me. Now I'm not the kind of photographer who hurries low-flying through the Urbex scene at the weekend to shoot as many spots as possible in one day. There is a clear code of conduct for the Urbex scene, which unfortunately many new Lost Place hunters seem to be not or only insufficiently known. But I want to get involved in every place, take the time to photograph it in different ways, gain my own impressions and feel what is special about this place. Sometimes I only find the right access to the respective spot in post-processing on the PC and can give the visited location its own face and add some information.

I came across street art by chance. This colorful graffiti can be found at many spots, which are sometimes really beautiful, but definitely colorful. When browsing through my 1001 pictures I came across these graffiti and street art pictures that seemed too good to just let them rot on the hard drive. So what to do Since I am always interested in the background, the artist and the intentions of the works of art, I look for as much information about the individual works of art as I have available. I am happy to turn to the artists themselves, because only they can tell me something between the lines of the Internet. Art in urban space, which should stimulate the viewer to dialogue, says Wikipedia on this topic in terms of content. So I accept this type of art, photograph it according to my intentions and sometimes, if it seems appropriate to me, I also write a few words about it. However, I am far from calling myself a copywriter or something similar. I'm just interested in what's behind a thing. That is then my spontaneous creativity, which I can no longer live out in choreographies, music and costume design, because I am no longer on stage with my dancing and fire games.

In order to channel my countless photos, inputs, information etc. a little, I created this page. I am particularly happy when I receive support from experts, artists, companies or institutions in response to my inquiries. I take this as a form of appreciation for my projects. Since working on a topic is often very time-consuming, some projects are still in progress. But that's ok for me, because as the saying goes: "The journey is the goal." You can drop by from time to time to see if something is finished again.


I am curious to see where these interesting and multi-layered topics of Lost Place and Street Art Photography will lead me. If you have an idea that you would like to implement photographically and are looking for a photographer, please feel free to contact me. A lot can be achieved together - even in times of pandemics.

Krefeld, April 2021

KI Art

Artificial intelligence and the 1001 creative possibilities it opens up is an extremely exciting topic. I still don't really have an overview of the different apps, but playing with the different programs is a lot of fun. For me at the moment it's pure relaxation to let myself be surprised again and again by picture creations that I didn't really design. 

Beautiful colors, dreamy moods and surreal image compositions undoubtedly exert a certain search factor. Let's see what the program has to offer and find a small suitable test for it, makes Ki-Art quite interesting for me at the moment. However, you won't find great works of art here, but rather finger exercises and nice pastimes.


I used an automatic translation program for the translation. Should there be any errors or ambiguities, please let me know. I will correct the errors immediately.


Comments my way of Art

"Creativity is not creating things. Creativity describes an open mind that sees what is already there and lets something new emerge from it. " (unknown)

This is how I understand my style of photography! I would be happy if you leave a few words here as a reminder.

SamaraBlue - MyWayOfArt/

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