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Alina Anfang

street art - Alina Orav/Estonia

Alina Orav/Estland - Silk City Gallery Krefeld 2021 ©Samara Blue

Hidden, hidden, not visible. A small picture at St. Antonstr. Easy to miss. But very interesting when you hear about its meaning. Artist info (...)

Annotation: Alina's picture was something special for me. Located on St. Anton Strasse, it was completely covered by scaffolding through the company sign. That's why I only became aware of it during the week. All I could see was an intense red color and I couldn't really see anything. Despite all my attempts, I couldn't take any sensible photos of the "making off" with me.
Following this action, Alina was kind enough to provide me with detailed information about her painting including some photos. For me, these were insightful conversations with Alina Orav, who is remarkably multilingual with English, Estonian, Italian and Russian. We then agreed in English. I decided to reproduce the conversation 1:1 here in the hope that this would best explain what Alina said about her artwork. I will go into more detail on one or the other in the series of pictures, even if this makes the report a little more extensive. This little work of art deserves it!

Especially at heart I want the home page der put. It documents the extreme versatility of the still young artist, who is not only concerned with street art.

The title of the picture comes from the artist herself.

A very big thank you to Alina for her  support. I value that as appreciation for my projects :-).

* * *

Alina Info

Alina Orev to her picture

Alina 08/05/2021: As you can see in the last photo - the black frame or border is part of the work. Also the windows of the upper floor continue the black frame... There are portals in other portals that are represented in the architecture of the building.

Alina 08/05/21: There is also a precise vantage point from which I can photograph my work. It's across the street from the white footprints. You can also zoom in (depending on the camera). But the important part of the work is also above the painting. I play with the architecture of the existing building.

Alina 08/10/21: I admire the geometric architecture of the silk weavers house. The line where the architecture ends and my painting begins is optically merged. The painting continues the architecture. The shape of the building from a bird's-eye view is reminiscent of a step pyramid, which adds a lot of historical context. Following this idea, I have depicted portals within portals on the surfaces of the structure. The painted image can be perceived as a counterpart to the step pyramid. According to Carl Gustav Jung, houses in dreams can represent the psyche of the person who perceives them. In this sense we have reached the inner child - the heart of the building - fragile, immaterial, almost fading into the wall of its heavy, robust, physical, protective concrete temple.

* * *

Questions to Alina 08/10/21 as a supplement to her explanations

Question: Do you have a title for your picture or did I miss it somewhere? ;-)

Yes. The title is "Reduplication of input". I interpret the title to mean that Alina fitted her painting into the structure of the building's facade, so to speak, and thus created a new, additional entrance.

Question: A remarkably sensitive and thorough explanation of your image. I'll have to keep that in mind a few more times as I edit. I also found it fascinating that your picture was the only one that could only be seen properly after the scaffolding was removed. My feeling is that you hid while painting until everything was finished. I don't think that was on purpose, was it?

Alina:Yes, the scaffolding situation was given. It was not planned. I myself first saw the work from the photos when the scaffolding was being dismantled. That's why I would be very happy about photos of the work.

Question: Can you also tell me something about what the baby is holding? and what does the red ball a little to the left mean?

Alina: "The baby is holding a small blue sphere in his hand. If a tunnel is a void, then a sphere is a round object that can be given different meanings depending on the context.

The red ball is set in motion by the handrail of the stairs. The red ball is painted red similar to the child. Therefore, they could be related. They also create horizontal movement in the composition of the painting. The ball that the child is holding is of a similar color to the vertical cavities. Therefore, they too may be related or have a similar origin.

The blue parts of the painting (including the blue sphere) create vertical movement in the composition. The sphere could also be interpreted as floating in the air due to its vaporous halo."

Question: I heard that you recently became a mother :-). maybe it has something to do with your choice of subject?

Alina: "The motherhood experience definitely influenced my decision to paint the child."

One more thing about the child: if the building is a dream house, then the baby is a fragment of it. It is a symbol of new beginnings, birth of new ideas and also refers to future human generations. Meanwhile in the context of a human psyche - it could be a movement in the opposite direction - back to our childhood, the encounter with our own inner child. However, if the building is demolished, the baby will symbolize the inevitable passage of time - growing up. Also erasing memories."

Source: Alina Orac personally

Artist information Alina Orav

Alina Oravborn 1989 is an Estonian visual artist.

She is a member of the Estonian Artists and Painters Association. She received her master's degree from the Estonian Academy of Fine Arts in 2017. She has also studied at universities in Florence and Vancouver and practiced anamorphic illusion art in London 2013 and Amsterdam 2015. She also did an internship in animation (2018) in Volda.

For 16 years she has presented her works nationally and internationally at various solo exhibitions.
She also showed her art at group presentations and street art festivals in Estonia, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Italy, Finland, Russia, Latvia, Iceland, Canada, Japan and the USA.

Alina Orav has also been a curator of various group exhibitions in Finland and Canada.

In 2017, Alina received a grant to develop the Polyview image - a painting that can be viewed and interpreted from different specific perspectives, each time showing a different individual composition.

In 2018 she presented her invention at a world congress of the International Federation of Theater Studies in Belgrade. In the same year she presented her first multi-perspective animation at Tallinn Art Week.

Alina's work can be found in private collections in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Italy, England, Iceland, Russia and the USA.

Source: official information oCity of Krefeld

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