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soulful minds/dark side of life

Of the darkness in people's souls

1. The Devils little sisters (...)  *   2. Dark Art (...)  *  3. Post Apocalyptic Vibes (...)

Devils little sisters

1.The Devils little Sisters

Gothic, Punk & other Subcultures Vibes

Subculture refers to deviations of subgroups in a society. These can be expressed in mere modification, i.e. the external representation, through to clear counter-positions. (...)

Dark Art

In this gallery, the enigmatic is intended to refer in particular to women with an (imagined) affinity to the dark side. This imagined mindset is particularly reflected in clothing, stance, attitude and fashion. More or less pronounced tattoos, jewelry, etc. also illustrate this.
The coloring of the situation and the individual figures is ultimately up to the viewer's imagination ;-)

2. Dark Art - Morbido

When darkness takes hold of the human imagination

People often react very intensely to the horror genre. Like children who read their first scary stories with a flashlight and a blanket, they seem to be drawn to the morbid, the unimaginable, the (...)