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1001 ways to create a picture

For some time the digital art studio DAZ 3D has expanded my creative work in an interesting way. Now that I've been dealing with it for a few months, I've found that this program has a lot more to do with "real" photography than I thought. (Continue reading...)


The figures, environments and objects are assembled, positioned, illuminated and finally rendered according to your own ideas. In other words, they are put together as if by a camera and output in a photo format, from where they can be further edited or processed as desired. So you have to think carefully at every point, often puzzling over how to bring these components together in such a way that the image you have imagined is rendered in the end. I hadn't thought so much about perspective, lighting and everything else involved in photography before. So I'm also learning for my camera, which I really like. For example, possible shooting projects can be played out without ‘real’ models. The figures and the rest of the content are subject to a fee. However, if you make use of the freebies on offer and think carefully about how you can combine and use what, you can achieve good results even with less money. With increasing experience and improved knowledge, you can also intervene in the design of the content yourself in a variety of ways. My aim is not necessarily always to create the best possible photographic reality. In addition to exploring the 1001 possibilities of DAZ Studio, my focus is more on conveying/transporting fantasy, feelings and thoughts. As I am rather dark by nature, my pictures are often located in the dark area. Every now and then there is a colourful or rather sweet outlier, true to the motto: ‘Don't think you know what's coming next.’ I like to add a few appropriate words or little stories to my pictures. That way, at the end of a creative process, I have everything that is important to me.

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