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Anfang Camilla

street art - Camilla Margarito/Italy

Camilla Margarito/ Italien - Silk City Gallery Krefeld 2021 ©Samara Blue

"True love and light are conjoined twins.

One cannot exist without the other." ©Irina Rathmann

Two in one interpreted by Camilla Margarito. Artist information (...)

Artist Information Camilla Margarito

Info Camilla

Camillasays of herself that she finds it a little difficult to put into words the thoughts and associated emotions that surround us. That is why she loves art in its various forms. Words can be unclear. You have too many limits.

Her pictorial composition for the Seidenweberhaus came about out of a certain curiosity. She doesn't want to show a work of art "carved in stone", but to illustrate simple considerations. The figure of the Siamese twins is unusual, especially the shape of a vase with two necks. Depicted and beautifully worked out, she has the beautiful similarities of the two forms.

Camilla Margarethad fFor her "little" picture, the idea of starting with these two brothers who have to master their lives as Siamese twins in one body.

She wondered to what extent a symbiotic relationship can be perceived between the two. What level of organization and, above all, how much respect and understanding is required to live well and not invade the thoughts and freedoms of others in such a limited "space".

In the case of the Siamese, it is nature that acts, and nature would likely endow these two people with infinite love and a boundless sense of oneness to enable them to handle life in the best possible way.

But what would emerge in society, in family relationships, in work relationships, in all those close relationships where we can't choose our "fellow" people?

Camilla wanted to present these relationships in a positive development. For them it is a numbers game. (From 1 + 1 = 1 or after all 2?) She then speaks of an encounter with the will to understand one another on deeper levels. Of an encounter aimed at a fair and mutual relationship that can manifest itself in an embrace, striving for mutual unity.

This unity can also be represented by the vase with the two necks. She sees this vase as an object that, despite its fragility, shows stability and strength. This vase would show unity and diversity at the same time. In this part of the picture, she continues her game with the numbers.

*For the design of the amphora, I took my inspiration from a ceramic from theGumelnite culturefrom the period 4500-4300 BC. be inspired."
The considerations give her picture idea enormous strength, as she tells the person behind the camera with beaming eyes. Here one sees a possibility that society can learn from its "small" picture to organize itself too carefully in order to ultimately be able to live better together.

Sources: Video, Camilla Margerito 

Annotation: At this point, thanks to Camilla for explaining her picture. Even if we viewers should (or should) have our own thoughts about urban art, I always find it enriching/complementing when the artist gives something of his own intention to the viewing path.

* * *

Camilla Margaretis a sculptress, Illustratorin and street artist from Puglia, who now lives and works in Berlin. She studied at the Art Academy in Lecce (Puglia) in southern Italy and moved to Berlin in 2012, where she creates sculptures in plaster, wood and mixed media, ink drawings, prints and paintings in search of an original artistic language. In the last 10 years she has participated in various street painting festivals in Italy, France and Germany, often creating street paintings and murals together with her partner Martino Larocchia.

Source: official information ofCity of Krefeld

Krefeld, September 11, 2021

SamaraBlue - MyWayOfArt/

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