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Urban Art Gallery Krefeld - Eine Stadt wird zur Leinwand

13. bis 18 Juni & 06. bis 11. August 2023

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Bethke, Julia * von Schulz, Björn

After the Wood Art Gallery 2015 in Hülser Bruch, the Rhine Side Gallery 2017 in Uerdingen am Rhein, the Down Town Gallery 2019 in the bunker on Hansa Straße and the Silk City Gallery 2021 in and around the Seidenwebhaus, the Urban Art Gallery Krefeld 2023 was the 5th major Krefeld street art event to take place across the entire city of Krefeld. Twice in each of the 650 anniversary years, the whole of Krefeld will become a canvas for a week. Krefeld citizens were able to make suggestions for areas to be painted. These were lovingly and extremely creatively designed by around 20 national and international artists. 
Follow me now on a weather-independent tour through the somewhat more colorful velvet and silk city of Krefeld. (...) Note to the © (...)

Björn von Schulz

Björn von Schulz/Germany - Urban Art Gallery Krefeld 2023

Nordstr. 118, 47798 Krefeld (06.-11.08.23)

The young woman and the lamb
... that's what I call this beautiful picture painted at Nordstr. 118 in Krefeld by Björn von Schulz from Münster, where he was born in 1978. As a designer, illustrator and graffiti artist, Björn von Schulz quickly recognized his passion for figurative drawing and painting

As he also had the talent for this style of painting, he quickly gained recognition in the scene. As a founding member of the artist collective and later creative agency "Studio Egotrips", Björn was able to prove his talent and intention.
In 2015 he gave up the agency

artist's life and embarked on new paths of his own. This allowed him to concentrate fully on his own art, his own "way of art". His art has been on display at home and abroad for over 20 years. Björn has also made a name for himself with various publications.
He has only been painting murals and participating in various festivals since 2019.
Even though photographing this picture was a bit special again, as I had to block the road from time to time, this picture radiates calm and thoughtfulness for me. The woman, who is no longer quite young, seems to be wearing a kind of "shepherdess" costume. Surrounded by green branches, I perceive a closeness to nature or a return to nature.
In 2015, von Schulz left his familiar paths, the agency life, and concentrated fully on his art. He has been exhibiting his work in Germany and abroad for over 20 years now and regularly appears in various publications. Since 2019, there has been an increased focus on wall works and painting at festivals.

Quellen: Artist Profile - Bjoern von Schulz - YoungArt, Björn von Schulz, Stadt Bibliothek Rheine 2022

Julia Bethke/Germany - Urban Art Gallery Krefeld 2023

Tannenstr. 42, 47798 Krefeld (06.-11.08.23)

Huge backdrops and floors often have dimensions that exceed a normal apartment size, which is obviously exactly Julia Bethke's thing, who always goes about her work with perfectionism. Like many creative people, the fact that you can see what you have created is an important factor in her professional fulfillment. 
The Rheinisches Landtheater Neuss, the Theater Dortmund and the Theater für Niedersachsen in Hildesheim have been further stations in her professional career.
As an employee in these theaters, she not only designed stage sets as illusion and imitation paintings, but also gave furniture, floors and walls a new creative outfit. She has also embellished large backdrops with her special style of painting.
You can find some impressive examples of her creativity on her homepage. In addition to theater projects, she also shows various interior embellishments with a detailed making off as well as some private paintings.
She has been working freelance since summer 2021. In times of the corona epidemic, she took the plunge into the cold water of self-employment and began to develop her own brand. "JueLIEBE" became her creative trademark. She likes the name Juelie, she tells Esther Jansen in the Kredo interview, which her uncle had given her earlier. By adding the first two letters of her surname, she came up with her stage name "JuLIEBE".
She loves to create illusions. She is able to recreate tiles, wood, asphalt, rust or marble in a lifelike way. In her opinion, anything you can imagine can be imitated. A very valuable skill in her creative work, in my opinion.
Using spray cans, spatulas, rollers and lots of brushes, she now carries out a wide variety of commissioned works, e.g. in schools and restaurants, from the initial idea to the final execution. In this way, she transports the viewer into her own colorful world.
In 2021, she left an impressive reminder for nature as part of the Silk City Gallery Krefeld with a contribution about bees. 
In an interview with Esther Jansen, published in Kredo on 02.09.22, it becomes clear, among other things, that colors and textures are not only her profession but also her vocation. Her home is a reflection of her colorful passion. She has lived in Krefeld with her partner since 2020 and has made Krefeld a little more beautiful in many places with her art.
Further details can be found in the Kredo interview from 02.09.22.

Sources: Juelie und die Farben - Kredo Magazin (

Krefeld: „Ich kann Illusionen schaffen“ (

Instagram: Juelie Be (@jueliebe) • Instagram-Fotos und -Videos

Julia Bethke weite lesen

Anat Ronan/USA - Urban Art Gallery Krefeld 2023

Seyffardtstraße - Wand Helios, 47805 Krefeld (06.-11.08.23)

Anat weite lesen

She brought us a special piece of art. As she told me, she has been collecting orphaned family photos for a while now. Among other things, she buys old photos on eBay that no one is interested in or where there are simply no more descendants. At festivals where she doesn't have to deliver commissioned work, she breathes personality and life into these pictures for a while. By painting these pictures large on walls, they become visible to the viewer. Everyone knows the small moments in such pictures, has perhaps experienced similar ones or remembers their own, almost forgotten encounters and feelings. In this way, the orphaned pictures receive renewed attention and are not forgotten.
When I took my photos of the Helios wall a few days ago, similar thoughts crossed my mind. I also have family memories of similar situations.
"It's not how long you wait, but who you wait for." (Some like it hot, 1959)"

However, I could only really grasp Anats Ronen's intentions after she kindly explained her motives for the Krefeld pictures to me. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Anat once again for her input, which makes her pictures even more vivid. Forgive me for the intense play of light and shadow, which made it impossible to achieve a uniform exposure of her pictures. I actually wanted to take new pictures with fewer shadows at another time, but then decided against it because it is precisely this play of light that gives the pictures a life of their own. My own representation of these pictures has emerged in the course of editing, has been approved by Anat Ronan and shows a little of my perception of her art.

Source: Anat Ronan personally

Krefeld im Oktober 23

fabio fedele/Italien - Urban Art Gallery Krefeld 2023

Seyffardtstraße - Wand Helios, 47805 Krefeld (06.-11.08.23)

Fabio Fedelewas in Krefeld for his first European project since 2017 on the occasion of the Urban Art Gallery 2023 to mark Krefeld's 650th birthday. Fabio explains that it doesn't really matter to him whether he puts his art on the walls of his own front door, the neighbor around the corner or in a distant country. It is important to him what he paints and that this painting is in a good relationship with its surroundings. Corona has changed a lot. International projects mean an enormous amount of energy, work and costs for the artist. Financially, these projects offer no profit, rather the opposite. While he still took part in international festivals about every two years before Covid, he now sees much less incentive to travel to these events. Not least because street art projects are currently springing up like mushrooms. In order to "do his thing", to live his art, he no longer needs to travel internationally. (...)