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street art - Oner OLDHAUS/D & Kerim Musanovic/BIH

Anfang Oldhaus
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"Art is in crisis. All areas are in crisis." (Beuys) - Artist info(...)

Info Oldhaus

Artist information Oner OLDHAUS & Kerim Musanovic

After it was clear that they would work as a team, the graffiti artist decidedoner OLD HOUSEfrom Neus andKerim Musanovicfrom Bosnia-Herzegovina to stage a typical "OLDHAUS can". You see the controversial artist Beuys lying in a transparent spray can in the honey and sleeping peacefully. Anyone who deals with the art of OLDHAUS will find that the spray can is his trademark, his "signature". He is, so to speak, a master of the can, meaning that he likes to arrange the elements he uses in a transparent can. Although he comes from the graffiti direction, he not only works with this can but also uses mixed media.

To round off this scenery, OLDHAUS added a few elements or exhibits to his box, which he himself associates with Beuys.

For example thechildren's bath(first publicly displayed in 1968 or 1969), which OLDHAUS says was cleaned by mistake. The unbelievable story about 2 women who wanted to wash glasses in this same tub during an election campaign. It is definitely worth reading them again, no matter what your opinion of these works of art is. In a conversation with an elderly lady the week after completion, I met an elderly couple with whom I enthusiastically shared what I had learned so far . They talked about the different aspects of this picture and the lady said that it was a normal tub. Well, at the time I wasn't sure either and we decided to ask Doc Google. This is how street art works :-). You start a conversation about a picture and experience a few moments of lively exchange of ideas with strangers. I think Beuys would have liked that. I've had a lot. Perhaps some guided tours of these amazing works of art would be a good idea.

Even the most inconspicuousTVis full of Beuysian symbolism. In the endless loop "jajajaja" and "neeneeneeneenee" he gives the viewer scope for their own interpretations. Beuys recorded this curious audio installation, which is currently kept in the Pinakothek in Munich, in 1968 in an edition of 100 pieces. Two fundamentally different explanations are provided for this. If you like, you can read more under the above link and maybe find a completely different interpretation of the current zeitgeist or your personal life situation.

Here on the back side of the Seidenweberhaus we see a work of art that in many ways makes direct contact with Beuys. On the one hand with the very authentic representation of the artist himself, then with a direct, even physical reference to honey. Its shown at Ducumenta 6 in Kassel in 1977"Honey pump at work"shows an apparatus extending over several rooms, through which 150 kg of honey were pumped through a hose system. In other exhibits, too, honey appears again and again as a theme. Honey is considered life-giving. In his artistic activities he used many unusual objects and materials in order to create lyrical and emotional connections with them. Honey in connection with bees and their queen appear again and again as a theme in his works of art.

The bees in Kerim connect directly in the picture with the honey, which is their vital food. But the context for the overall work of art Seidenweberhaus is also created with these insects, among other things. These insects, whose "dwellings" are the honeycombs, the honeycombs that can be seen from afar can also be found on the front of the silk weaver's house. 

According to OLDHAUS, the quote from Beuys mentioned above was specifically selected by him at this time for this event because it perfectly reflects the current pandemic situation.

Annotation:This picture is so self-explanatory that I don't need any excessive attempts at self-interpretation. Here, two experienced artists with different styles and focuses have created a clear and colorful image that attracts and fascinates visitors. Personally, I found the best access to this image by researching some typical Beuys installations on the Internet, relating these findings to the information provided by the artists, and at the same time taking my own perceptions seriously. The only difficulty for me was that you can't just look at this picture completely because of the green vegetation. I'll check back in the winter. I tried out many perspectives with my camera and didn't shy away from lying on my stomach ;-). My intensive way of dealing with this work of art.

Thanks guys for this opportunity.

Source: Oldhaus personally, Wikipedia,, 

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Since 1998 isOLD HOUSEthecan technologyexpired. From 2008-2014 he studied design, with a focus on illustration, at the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences. In addition to numerous art events and exhibitions in Germany, his art has mainly been seen in Western Europe. Specializing in character design (figurative painting), art drove him to Belarus, where he won a juried, international contest as 1st place in the graffiti category. In 2019, OLDHAUS first came to light as a curator and initiator when he and three other artists created the cross-city Home Street Home Urban Art Festival.

His last trip took him to the Queen's Kingdom - he has already exhibited several times in London. In the metropolis he has been represented by the Bickerton Grace Gallery since 2020. In addition to his large-scale graffiti, OLDHAUS also uses mixed media to paint on canvas, on which he likes to process the problems of his synapse chaos.

Source: official information ofCity of Krefeldcreated by

More information about Kerim Musanovic you can find here: (...)

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