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SOULFUL - MINDS/When words should play the main role

... then you've come to the right place


For me, a picture is often only complete when the right words have been found to complement its message. Words of wisdom, sayings, quotes from more or less well-known personalities, from books, the Internet or my own thoughts then form a complete work of art, a unity, together with one of my pictures. This allows me to visualise feelings, thoughts and emotions more clearly. (...) So here you will find realistic saying pictures and with Childhood Wisdom the variant with a wink :-)

Allgemeine Zitate (...)                             Cheeky Childhood Wisdom (...)

soulful-minds - quotes, motivation, inspiration

All sorts of more or less clever sayings from my own pen and collected from all over the world

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Childhood Wisdom

Cheeky Childhood Wisdom

"A child's mouth speaks truth"

Lil'Daisy and Woody B. rock life. Lil'Daisy is a delicate porcelain doll that looks rather cute and harmless. Nobody really trusts her to stick her little porcelain nose into anything she finds interesting.

Since she is so reserved and (...)

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