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Street art - Cuboliquido/Italy

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Streetart I Graffiti I Silk City Gallery I Krefeld I cuboliquido I Dein ist mein ganzes Herz

Artistic interplay or the joy of the little things in life.(...)

Artist information Cuboliquido

Cuboliquidotells that since the 16th century, Italian street painters have been roaming the country to attract people's attention with expressive, sacred pictures in front of the churches. Since the materials used, such as chalk and pastel, were very perishable due to the weather, it has only been possible to preserve these images for posterity since the invention of photography. It's easier for the cheerful robot at the entrance to the silk weaver's house. For the time being, its preservation is assured, even if it patiently bears the rubbish of "forgetful" contemporaries.

Anamorphic street painting has also been finding its way into Italy for about 20 years. This 3D chalk art, now also known as 3D street painting, greatly enhances street painting, producing extremely realistic moments. The viewer is automatically drawn into a lifelike scene, most impressively when paying attention to the specific point from which the image must be viewed.

For his (Heart)ly robot, cuboliquido combined his passion for robots with 3D painting. He is often inspired by everyday objects that he perceives in his environment. They can then playfully combine the everyday with/to urban art. Here in Krefeld, two old, demolished mailboxes were the starting point for a funny robot.

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Cuboliquidowas born in Milan in 1974. He has lived from his art since 1992 and in 1994 he discovered his passion for street art. First as a graffiti artist and later as a traditional Madonnari artist (street painting of traditional Madonna images and religious motifs with pastel chalk). Today, two of his Madonnari artworks are on display in a basilica in Bethlehem and in Mexico City.

Since 2009 he has particularly focused on anamorphic 3D street painting and has participated in many international street art festivals, where he has won numerous awards.

He has presented his paintings across Europe, in Russia, in the USA, Latin America, Thailand, China, in the Middle East and in South Africa.

He has worked for many well-known companies such as Disney, Universal Cinema, Amazon, Coca Cola, Samsung, Unilever, Warner Bros and many more.

To date he has taken part in over 200 events of various kinds as a street painter. He is the first artist to combine 3D street painting with animated videos (video mapping) and his work has already been shown at three different art biennials and other contemporary art exhibitions. He was awarded the title of Maestro Madonnaro in Grazie di Curtatone and won first prize in the world's most important competition for 3D street art in Dubai in March 2017.

Source: official city informationKrefeldcreated by Freddart,de

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