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street art - Martino Pitture & Daniele Lazazzara/Italiy

Martino Anfang
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Already on the stairs to the 1st floor you can see the strong blue tones of the Italian artists Martino Pitture & Daniele Lazazzara from Italy.

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Annotation: In this picture, the fascination for me at first came from the color "blue". This color dominated from day one and I kept scurrying by to see how the work would develop.

In addition, two things particularly fascinated me. On the one hand, there were the exaggerated proportions of the two figures on the right. On the other hand, it was the kangaroo that, although it matched the two figures harmoniously with its coloring, was more angular and futuristic in style. 

However, the powerful image effect only became apparent after the removal of the scaffolding. 

Where am I looking? What does the rabbit mean? Questions upon questions I asked the two artists after the event.

According to the artists themselves, the basic idea for their picture is nature and interpersonal relationships. The complexity of the interaction between nature and man should be presented.

Danielewants to bring people into the cities with his oversized kangaroo. The animals enliven a concrete landscape and Beuys will find (his) place in the kangaroo's belly. So far, Daniele provides his own idea, since the two actually want to encourage the visitor to write their own story. They specify individual elements, such as the rabbit. The rest is up to the viewer's imagination.

I catch myself finding new ways of interpreting it the more often I look at the picture in the Seidenweberhaus or on the PC. For me, this picture is a very active picture, not only because I delved deeper into Beuys' life, but also because the two artists spoke very friendly and openly about their pictures.

Martinos  You can find verbatim explanations of his picture in the short interview below.

According to the artists, the picture does not have a title, but it can be seen as a successful homage to Beuys.

Short interview Martino & Daniele:

Martino Pitture:"Hello Kerstin. The idea of the painting arose on a purely aesthetic level from Beuys' performance in which he showed pictures to a dead rabbit.

But the core of my reflections concerns the human tendency to place themselves at the center of every thought. So I wanted to split up the characters by creating two symmetrical characters, the first of which has the live animal's point of view showing the world to a human skull.

Then I like to give symbolic references in all my works without explicitly formulating a message, in order to leave room for interpretation. The stories the viewer makes up are often more interesting than those contained in the work."

Question: Are the exaggerated proportions a sign of your special style or is the overly long neck of the figure on the right supposed to say something special?

Yes, the characters in my oil paintings usually have these proportions. I try to combine aesthetic beauty with wrong proportions.

Source: Martino Pitture personally

Daniele Lazazzara: "The rabbit and the skull are the work of the great Martino Pitture. My drawing represents a surreal kangaroo, this animal protects the young in nature, in this case the kangaroo protects the structure and therefore the mystery of these spaces in others dimensions"

Daniele is also a tattoo artist. The pictures he put onInstagramshows, I really like it :-).

​Source: Daniele Lazazzara personally

* * * 

Martinos Erklärung
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Artist information M. Pitture/D. Lazazzara - Italy

Martino Pitture is a self-taught street artist. He started painting walls with spray cans in 2000 and switched to painting wood and canvas with oil paints in 2006. In 2008 he started street painting and made a living from his studio and street painting skills in various European cities. With his oil painting and chalk art, he developed two different painting styles over time, which he tries to combine in a balanced way in his murals. For the last ten years he has often teamed up with Camilla Margarito to paint the streets.

Source: official information ofCity of Krefeld

Daniele Lazazzarais a self-taught painter, tattoo and graffiti artist. He lives in his native town of Acquaviva near Bari in southern Italy. He started painting murals in 2001, painting on canvas in 2006 and he has also been a tattoo artist since 2016. He enjoys learning and experiencing different techniques and likes to freely combine them. He works with oil and acrylic paints, watercolors, ink, pencil and ballpoint pen on canvas, wood, paper, skin and walls. In his painting he works figuratively, abstractly and surrealistically and likes the free combination here as well.

Source: official information ofCity of Krefeld


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