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Information bunker and artist

Bunker Chronicle

​1942 - Construction of the bunker for 78,000 inhabitants

​1945 - 12,000 people from Krefeld live in the bunker

​1949 - Planning of a large garage for 100-150 cars, bunker should have windows

​1965 - Planning of cladding for the concrete block, further planning of parking spaces on the roof

​1967 - Idea to cover the bunker with ivy

​1972 - Planning of a high-rise building above the parking garage, parking garage awaits Realization, color                        dress for the bunker tower, colorful striped concrete monument

​1974 - Planning of additional parking spaces with the help of a prefabricated steel construction

​1976 - Bunkers in Krefeld become rehearsal rooms for musicians

​1980 - bunker car park under construction

​1994 - Planning of a cinema with 2000 seats

​1997 - Opening of the Cinemaxx complex with 10 cinema halls and 2,228 seats

​ (Source: several editions of the magazine "Die Heimat")

These artists showed their work in the bunker, see link:

Adry del Rocio, Mexico; Alex Maksiov, Ukraine; Alessandro Oldhaus, Germany; BeNeR1, Germany; Clemens Brück and Sebastian Saffenreuter, Germany; Case, Germany; Carlos Alberto, Mexico; Cuboliquido, Italy; Danila Shmelev, Russia; Edgar Mueller, Germany; Fabio Fedele, Italy; Fredda Wouters, Germany; Gregor Wosik, Germany; iVann Garc, Mexico; Jamila Hamida, France; Kerim Musanovic, Bosnia Herzegovina; Ketty Grossi, Italy; Marya Kudasheva, Russia; Remko van Schaik, Netherlands; Steffen Mumm, Germany; Tubuku: Jaroslaw Masztalerz and Alex Weigandt, Germany; Victor Splash, Russia

The works:

Human dignity is inviolable *One Wall - Two Worlds *Unknown psychodrama *reflex *alive surface * clip open * a house to dream *Shelter * last man understanding *Shelter in my head*Flexible battle * Le rêve d'Annabella*Fragility * Bayeza abafana abancane * A future that breathes *It's that time again * Revival * Dream poppin' * Aesthetic Education * Disconnected * Conclusion

SamaraBlue - MyWayOfArt/

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