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Silk City Gallery 2021 Krefeld(...)

30 regional and international street artists in Krefeld


Klaus Klinger

Artist I artist I founding member of the "Wandmalgruppe Düsseldorf" I Farbfieber eV I director of "Mural Global" I co-initiator and artistic director of the 40-degree Urban Art Festival I plaque of merit of the state capital Dü


Joe Henning/ MaJo Brothers

Artist I Artist

Ben Mathis

Artist I Artist

Karsten Breidenbroich

MalKarsten- (Street Art) artist

Jürgen Wintermantel-Menze


Peter Lengwenings

Consultant Corporate Communications I Marketing I Advertising

Lower Monument Authority

The Mayor of Urban and Traffic Planning
Konrad-Adenauer-Platz 17, 478o3 Krefeld

Schlaraffia Crefeldensis eV
Worldwide association of men for the cultivation of art, friendship, humor


Villeroy & Boch
artistic wall and floor tiles

William Joliet

History of Tiles


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