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Samara Blue/Kerstin Ellinghoven - Krefeld      

This website is not intended for commercial purposes. It is intended for private use only. All pictures and texts are subject to my copyright, otherwise they are marked separately. If you want to use my pictures, please contact me. This should not be a problem if I am credited. This does not apply to images that are copyrighted by another person. In this case, please contact this person. Copying my texts or parts of them is also not a problem if you properly identify the source. I am not emphasizing this because I consider my pictures and texts to be particularly valuable. It's because a lot of work goes into both and I expect them to be handled correctly as respect for someone else's work. And no, the proof of origin "The big, wide internet/web" does not fulfill the task of a proof of source.
In the texts, information and images I use, I take great care not to infringe any copyrights and to properly document all sources. If, contrary to expectations, an omission of this kind should occur, please inform me as soon as possible.

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