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street art - Silk City Gallery 2021 - Krefeld

A lost place becomes a canvas. Gray in gray, only color can help. The building has this color in the period from 19.07. - 07/25/2021 as part of the 4th Krefeld change of perspective and the artistic direction of the curator Fredda Wouters received enough. 

Information about the Seidenweberhaus, its history and the great painting campaign from my very personal point of view will soon be available here (...). Meanwhile, in the gallery below, check out the already completed reports, just as I experienced the Silk City Gallery. Continue reading (...)

This project will be further completed after the revision of the homepage. A bit patience :-). Just click on the pictures and you will be forwarded to the page of the respective artist. Simply click on the pictures and you will be redirected to the page of the respective artist. This project will be completed after the revision of the homepage. Have patience :-).

Annotation:This 4th and for the time being last action of the Krefeld change of perspective under the creative and committed leadership of the curator Fredda Wouters was something very special for me. For the first time I was able to accompany a street art event photographically from the beginning. That was extremely impressive. Documenting this exciting "making off", supplemented by information about art and artists, is my very personal approach to the topic of street art.

I used working titles for some of the images because I haven't been able to research all the titles of the artworks yet. The order in which the pictures tell their story also follows. Until then, the images in the gallery are in any order. 

Since I don't just take photographs but am also interested in the artists, the backgrounds and the little things on the side, I try to get authentic information about the artists and their pictures. I  was able to discuss this personally with most of the artists after the event. Thank you very much for that. If I have taken information from the Internet, I have marked it as such.  On the one hand,   doesn't do "copy & paste" for me_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ Sense, on the other hand it has something to do with respect for the work of others!. Since this procedure is time-consuming, I will gradually put my reports online as I have the time and leisure.

I hope you enjoy the virtual tour of our aging silk weaver house. Completely in the sign of the value and endangerment of nature, seen a little from the perspective of Beuys and here and there with a clear reference to the city of Krefeld. Interpreted and creatively presented by 30 local and international street artists of all ages. It was an exciting, inspiring week for Krefeld.

Just drop by from time to time and see which story is new online. :-)

Krefeld in July 2021

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