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Code of Conduct for Urbexers

Other people's property is respected

Every abandoned place has an owner, even if they don't seem to care. That is to be respected. As urbexers, we do not destroy anything and do not open doors and/or windows by force. We treat everything we find with respect!

Take nothing, leave nothing

That would be theft. Our impressions, which we capture with the camera, remain as memories. A Lost Place is not a free dump. It should go without saying that no rubbish is left behind.

No spraying

Many spots are decorated with countless motifs. I refuse. Not only because it's forbidden, it also changes the spirit of the place and thus violates the Urbexer Codex, even if some sprayers are true artists.

No smoking

For me, as a non-smoker, that's easy. If the smokers among us don't want to go without, a small pocket ashtray does a good job and usually looks stylish. Especially on hot, dry days, you should be extremely careful with open fire because of the increased risk of fire. For the sake of completeness, the glass balls should also be mentioned here, with which ambitious photographers like to achieve special effects. They act like a magnifying glass!

Always be mindful and careful, detailed planning

in most cases we are on a kind of "construction site". The buildings can be dilapidated, supporting metal parts rusted. Components from ceilings etc. can fall. The floor may contain hidden nails or the like that could injure you. Not to forget that toxic gases and the like. can escape. The dangers can be as diverse as the different spots. For this reason  it is always advisable to conduct detailed research on the place to be visited. You can inform yourself well beforehand in forums etc. if you plan to visit a mine, a shaft, etc. Unfortunately, there have been a number of accidents here recently, including those of obviously experienced urbexers.

Never go alone

It is best to go in pairs or threes. If someone is injured, one can get help, the other stays with the injured person. Also, you can't be sure who else is in a place like this. Copper and similar metal always encourages theft, and people may have sought shelter there who do not necessarily react friendly to visitors.


There are many very detailed reports on the net about the equipment. Ultimately, everyone will find the right/necessary equipment for themselves. But I would like to give some basic recommendations here: sensible shoes with firm soles, preferably good hiking shoes or work shoes that do not let any sharp parts, eg rusty nails, through. I got myself S3 work shoes. Torch, two-way radios, as cell phone networks tend to fail at important moments, and of course the camera/camera cell phone, depending on your preference.

Park discreetly

No additional explanation is really needed here. Just look around and think about what curious fellow citizens might notice. It's worth taking a few steps to do this. Observe traffic/parking regulations!

Do not make locations public

Really  finding cool spots is not that easy. That's basically a good thing, because these places are not only frequented by history and photo buffs. In addition to the wanton destroyers and the ubiquitous sprayers, the guild seems to have grown massively in recent times to include the young adventurers. Young people who think it's cool to get a kick out of something forbidden. The deserted place is not in the foreground here, but unfortunately more and more irresponsible behavior. It is therefore very important that the addresses are handpicked and passed on. Think beforehand whether the person to whom you entrust your place will continue to treat it in your interest. No photo posted, no matter how great, should be worth unnecessarily discrediting the Urbex scene and yourself.

SamaraBlue - MyWayOfArt/

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