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street art - Vanessa and Lydia Hitzfeld/germany

The Sibticus, or there is always a way out

Anfang Octopus
Streetart I Silk City Gallery I Seidenweberhaus I Graffiti I Vanessa und Lydia Hitzfeld I Samara Blue I Sibticus

The pink Sibticus not only wraps around the building with its 7 tentacles, it also inevitably casts a spell over people. Artist information (...)

Artist information Vanessa and Lydia Hitzfeld

Infos Hitzfeld

Annotation: An oversized octopus, or rather, one7-armed sibticusby Vanessa and Lydia Hitzfeld seems to wriggle out of the dilapidated silk weaver's house and enclose the whole building with his arms.

Does he want to crush it, destroy it, as the "city fathers" decided to do in the near future? This creature with its intense pink/purple tones, which extends over all 5 floors that are set back, does not really appear threatening. Rather, it seems to invite people. Inviting you to the center of the house, where art meets people. Or rather, would hit if we let ourselves go. For me, this means young and old people, Krefeld and visitors and also those who I perceive as "people from Theaterplatz". That doesn't mean that I have to approve of what's happening there. It means that I/we/you don't look away, but perceive. That also belongs to Krefeld. During what felt like 1001 photo tours to the Seidenweberhaus, I got into conversation with many different people. Among other things, many older people were very interested in the various works of art and a short conversation about them.

By the way, I got the tip for the best place to take photos from a "scene person" ;-). This particular point of view is necessary to the thananamorphic paintingto be able to perceive the designed picture as a whole. In order to be able to accomplish this mammoth project, the artists had to "guide" each other, ie the person painting was told over the radio where exactly the lines had to be. The two artists received support from some colleagues who had already completed their own works. An impressive achievement that the artists spontaneously put together and completed!

You can find out how the kitty made it into the picture in the series of pictures :-).

* * *

Vanessa Hitzfeldstudied fine art and restoration at the art academy in Lage/Westphalia, began training as a glass painter in Derrik's glass painting workshop in Kevelaer and studied fine art at the art academy in Düsseldorf, specializing in painting.

There she was a student of Jörg Immendorf. After his death she was a student of Markus Lüpertz and later a master student of Thal Rosenzweig. At the Düsseldorf Art Academy, she developed her own style of painting in oil and mixed media on canvas. She took part in group and individual exhibitions in museums and galleries in, for example, Koblenz, Moers, Düsseldorf and Wuppertal. She also took part with her art in several auctions of paintings by selected artists in the K20 as part of the "Night of the Museums" in Düsseldorf.

During her studies in Düsseldorf she became a self-employed street artist.

Her street painting has accompanied her since childhood and has no recognizable connection to her work on canvas. While Vanessa as a young girl painted more classic street paintings with pastel chalk, today she has specialized in the creation of 3D street art on floors and walls as an independent entrepreneur. She also designs scenery, exhibition stands, facades, interiors and gives workshops. You can find her work at many international festivals, in shopping centers or amusement parks.

She has won numerous awards and prizes in national and international competitions and has also made an entry in the Guinness Book of Records with an XXL 3D street painting in teamwork with Gregor Wosik and Lydia Hitzfeld, among others.

Since 2020 she has been working on a new project with an artist friend. "Photography meets painting". Her photographs of body painting work have been published in Vouge Portugal, People Huts and Allure Korea.

Source: official information ofcityKrefeldcreated by Freddart Streetpainitng

Lydia Hitzfeld began street painting in 2004. She learned this form of art as an autodidact. In the meantime, the freelance artist is in demand overseas and in Europe as a street painter and, in addition to classic street painting, is also active in advertising and illusionistic 3D painting. In 2012, together with Gregor Wosik and Vanessa Hitzfeld, among others, she created the world's largest three-dimensional street painting with "Noah's Ark". A few years later she was part of the team that set another world record for the largest 3D street painting on the floor in the USA.

In addition to many successful participations in competitions in Germany, she also took part in the oldest, traditional street festival "Incontro national dei madonnari" in Grazie/Italy, where she received several awards. She loves to create the pictures on the street, while doing so to feel how delicate skin can be, how heavy a wrinkle, how hard a light, how an eye comes alive.To see how a three-dimensional canyon develops under your own hands and people stop in front of the pictures and are amazed and unbelievable enjoy it or become part of the picture. Street painting has become an integral part of her life and it is impossible to imagine life without it. When she reaches for paint, she steps out of everyday life into the fascinating world of art and takes the viewer into another Dimension.

Source: official information of city Krefeldcreated by Freddart Streetpainting

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