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street art - Fabio Maria Fedele/Italy

Fabio Anfang
Fabio Maria Fedele/Italien - Silk City Gallery Krefeld 2021 ©Samara Blue

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In the stairwell from the 1st floor down you look into the eyes of an old man by Fabio Maria Fedele.

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Infos Fabio

Annotation:For me, this picture was not easy to photograph. That's why the photos don't have a really good quality. I apologize for that. But because I was very fascinated by this work of art, I tried different sections and perspectives. I gave the title of the picture myself because I had no other information.

As I was working on this, the questions below ran through my head. Fabio Fedele was kind enough to answer them. Thanks a lot for this.

My question to Fabio why he portrayed the old man with wingst:

"The wings are symbolism to make the character transcendent. Angels belong to a religious or New Age context, the wings on humans belong to a secular or pagan symbolic context. The old man has wings because he's not human , but the embodiment of the idea of time. And we know that time flies."

My first thought was that the blue color symbolizes water:

"Blue is a melancholic color, it does not represent water but the sky."

The old man is holding an old stone with a picture of a fish skeleton:

"The fossil represents an imaginary tropical fish. It doesn't represent the decay of nature. It represents the decay of human expectations, human presumption, but also our simple life, our honest feelings. Everything that is important to us becomes shortly after our death disappear. It is a reflection on the vanity of our existence. Nature will go on undisturbed even after our extinction."

My question about the possible reference to current natural disasters:

"I'm aware that meteorological disasters and bereavement are a significant concern at this time, but I didn't take them into account in this work. I admit you can see it there, which would make it even more welcome, but that's what I had to do unfortunately not thought of in the design phase."

Artist and picture information Fabio Maria Fedele

Fabio:"The building will be destroyed and with it our paintings. The old man represents time and is holding a fossil. The fossil represents what we will leave behind in our future. Like the building and the works, our life will be destroyed, and what remains of it, of our feelings, of our actions, will be small and unexpected to us." Thank you, Fabio, for explaining your picture for Krefeld.

Source: Pabio Fedele personally

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Fabio Maria Fedelestudied architecture as well as the history and preservation of architectural cultural assets. In 1993 he started street painting as a Madonnari artist and since 2006 3D street painting has also been part of his repertoire. He has won numerous prizes at international street painting festivals and has painted in Italy, Croatia, France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Austria, the Netherlands, Spain, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the United Arab Emirates and the USA. In Italy he was awarded the highest titles for his street paintings: "Maestro Madonnaro" in Grazie di Curtatone and "Magister Madomnaris" in Nocera Superiore.

In addition to street painting, he also works as an illustrator for archaeological museums. His art is based on drawings that depict his flow of thoughts, which he likes to improvise. The location of the painting is an important source of inspiration for his mostly figurative paintings, in which he also likes to play with geometric shapes and decorations as compositional elements. For him, decorations are an expression of his constantly changing imagination and elevate his art to a pure, sensual and aesthetic concept. He likes to build contradictions into his artworks, which symbolize the boundlessness of the art of self-manifestation.

“Images are very important to me because they serve as a means of communication and can transport many messages at the same time. I think it's the artist's job not only to create beautiful, communicative images, but also to teach the public how to look at art properly. Figurative art is a language. Understanding them helps us better understand the world and appreciate the things we see.

In my eyes, art is based on natural aesthetics, which is why the artist has to study and observe for a long time in order to know the laws of nature. Being an artist is a serious business that cannot be mastered on the fly. For me, art is not a hobby, but a science that finds its best teachers in nature itself and in one's own sensory perception." Fabio Maria Fedele

Source: official information ofCity of Krefeld

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