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M. Bucio Anfang

street art - Michele Buscio/Italy

Michele Buscion/Italien - Silk City Gallery Krefeld 2021 ©Samara Blue

If you walk past the beautiful  horse on the 1st floor to the next staircase, dark boats by Michele Buscio catch your eye. Artist info(...)

Artist information Michele Buscio

Infos M. Buscui

AnnotationFortunato Depero (March 30, 1892 - November 29, 1960) was a versatile Italian painter of theItalian Futurism. My first thought about Michele's painting style was Cubism. During further research on the Internet, I then learned that this art movement actually wanted to differentiate itself from many things, including Cubism. Since in my opinion one cannot write any reports about it without a well-founded basic knowledge in artistic matters, I will leave it with the words below from Michele, who was kind enough to send me his intention for his picture. I just like it very much and I don't need more words on this. You can find a few thoughts and feelings in thepicture series.

Michele: "Hello Kerstin, this is a copy of Depero, a futuristic painter of the 1930s. The picture is a homage to Beuys, who as a teacher instructs his students like the gondolier does with his trainee. Kind regards, Michele"

Source: Michele Buscio personally

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From Reichelsheim (Odenwald)

Michele Busciooriginally comes from Molise (central Italy). He fell in love with a German woman in 1985 and has lived in Germany ever since. Since retiring from work, he has been engaged in painting. He is self-taught and has developed into a plaster painter over the years. He has already taken part in various festivals in Germany, Italy, France, the USA and Mexico. In months without festivals, he draws and paints portraits of friends, acquaintances and street art colleagues. He often rides his bike to festival events.

Source: official information ofCity of Krefeld

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