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street art - sonjA MAZEreel/Belgium

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"Beautiful memories are on demand for a lifetime and are helpers for days when we are not doing so well."(Marliese Zeidler) 

A beautifully colored suggestion from sonjAMAZEreel :-) - Artist info (...)

Artist information sonjAMAZEreel

Annotation:One of the pictures that was finished first, but also one of the pictures that I couldn't really explain. I just thought it was beautiful (colorful). So I thought back and forth about what was going on here and for the time being I gave the picture the title "Puzzle" because it reminded me a little of my sons' wooden puzzles, which is a very nice memory for me. The explanation that Sonja gives for her picture is a bit different, but it also consists of many colorful parts.

Drawers for natural history objects spontaneously went through Sonja's mind when looking at the silk weaver's house, she tells the film crew. Butterflies, beautiful stones and much more are lovingly stored in these drawers to hold on as positive memories. A bit like my own "memory box" in which I keep my children's first shoes, for example. For me personally, this is the connection/interpretation to Sonja's artwork. This way I can "think in pigeonholes" and visualize personally positive memories. Definitely a contrast to usual rather clichéd thinking in many situations. So I can follow the motto of the curator Fredda Wouters "Shape society through design" give an interpretation and application that I can easily understand. The fact that your picture is directly opposite the media library also fits the picture for me, since there is a wealth of literature in the library there, for example about nature.

Stylistically, Sonja doesn't want to commit herself. She loves working with colors. She is fascinated by the old masters and likes to communicate and interact with people. Her work of art for Krefeld is completely different from what she would otherwise paint.

In any case, it is worthwhile to look at the diverse images of the Belgian artist on the various social networks.

You can find out more about my thoughts on this work of art in the small series of pictures above :-).

Sonja Mazereel's stage name has always been hidden in her name itself:sonjAMAZEreel.AMAZE - the English word for "to inspire" - then fits perfectly with her art, with which she repeatedly surprises and inspires thousands of viewers.

Born in 1967 in Poperinge in Belgium, she studied visual arts in Leper, monumental art in Ghent and completed a 3-year apprenticeship as a draftsman in Antwerp, where she also worked in an architect's office. Today she lives again in West Flanders and since 2010 she first made huge copies of well-known masters on the street pavement according to the Italian Madonnari tradition and over time she has developed into a representative of modern street painting with optical 3D illusions. She has won numerous awards and has shown her street art in the USA, Germany, England, Italy, France and the Netherlands.

Source: official information of City of Krefeldcreated by FreddArt Streetpainting

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Info Sonja

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