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Schlaraffia Crefeldensis eV

In Arte Voluptas - Pleasure in Art

During an exciting photo tour in summer 2020 through the oldKrefeld municipal bathsI found out that the once magnificent relaxation room of the Irish-Roman bath served as a castle for the men's union of Schlaraffia Crefeldensis eV between 1983 and 2002. But where did the brave knights disappear to almost 20 years ago? And how have you been? Why did they just leave these   magnificent rooms?

Schlaraffia I Gründung 1859 in Prag

Since just taking photos is usually not enough for me and I'm curious by nature, I started to find out more about this association of men. At the end of 2020 I sent my questions directly to the Schlaraffen here in kr Krefeld by email and received a little surprised, but also very pleased, prompt answer. Continue reading(...)

"Et Klöske" - knight's castle in words and pictures

sc weiter lesen

How I, as a profane* woman, experienced the castle of a men's union.
A documentation in words and pictures

Slightly irritated, I read the sender of the mail:"Am already@...". Well, what can I say, the answer was short and clear. They thanked me for my interest in their men's association, gave me the current address, printed in bold to be safe ;-) and told me that they would like to contribute information about their time in the old city baths. Of course everything Corona compliant. Everything seemed very well organized.

The "coat of arms and noble marshal",Mr. Klaus Drenk, was immediately taken in cc. Now I have looked at the contact details of the sender, the deputy chairman of Crefeldensis eV."Rochus Kralik Knight of Meyrswalden"- an impressive name and as Doc Google quickly told me, a "real knight". Before the following phone call, my heart was already palpitating. What could I expect from a high-ranking member of a men's association? The concerns were unfounded, as it quickly turned out. An extremely youthful voice talked openly and friendly about the topic "creative men's association" in general and about details from their time in the old Krefeld municipal baths in particular.

Altes Stadtbad Krefeld - Schlaraffia Crefeldensis ©Samara Blue

My photo from the Krefeld Stadtbad with the name boards, from which you can see a section, awakened and touched memories of an obviously good time in this place, says"Knight Binshon". The panels with these names still remind visitors of the historic swimming pool of the activities of the jolly knights. Here, for example, a "Ritter Brasilio" from Oberhausen once made a donation that was lovingly and creatively documented.

After the phone call, we arranged to meet on site. It was supposed to take a few more months before it came about, but in this strange pandemic time it's probably nothing special.

We had an appointment together in May 2021 and, once again with palpitations, I packed my photo equipment. At this point it should be mentioned that the focus of this day was not on the photos as expected. The conditions on site were more difficult than expected for my experience in photography and my equipment. Rather, it was the conversation with the three older gentlemen that fascinated me. Not only that they would give me, as a completely unknown female being, a comprehensive insight into their creative work, they also gave me the feeling at all times that they took me and my (photo) project "Men's League" seriously take. That impressed and touched me.

A visit to a special place, seen through the eyes of aprofane* Woman.

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