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urban art Krefeld 2015 - 2023

As in many other cities, the street art scene is growing and thriving in Krefeld on the Lower Rhine. In addition to the local matador "TUBUKU", consisting of the two artists Jarek Masztalerz and Alex Weigandt, there are since 2015 in a 2-year rhythm special street art events under a certain motto. For this purpose, national and international artists came/come together at the invitation of the city of Krefeld to bring some new artistic highlights to the silk city on the Lower Rhine. Always interesting, new projects that not only beautify the city, but also in one way or another promote communication among residents and with the artists. 
 2015 Wood Art Gallery, Talring 52, 47802 Krefeld I 2017 Rhine Side Gallery, Am Zollhof, 47829 Krefeld I 2019 Down Town Gallery, Hansastraße, 47799 Krefeld I 2021 Silk City Gallery, Seidenweberhaus, Theaterplatz 1, 47798 Krefeld I 2023 Urban Art Gallery Krefeld, Various locations in Krefeld.

I love these events and try to capture and document as much as possible in pictures and words. Since I do this as a hobby and not always the necessary time is available, the individual reports are supplemented gradually. Also, the reports are made through my personal lens and thus with my own interpretation. As far as it is possible for me, I supply information, which I received from the artists themselves. However, everyone should look at the images and their statements with their own eyes and interpret them according to their own sensibilities. Just as it is intended street art art.

Under Street Art, one understands various art forms, which are quite permanently attached or created in the urban area. Since about 2005, the term street art or street art as a valid designation of this art form. The artists want to communicate with certain quite different groups of people. Here the picture is the main component, even if the artists have a recognizable signatures. The street artist wants to use his art to express his opinion on a certain topic that is important to him. Besides murals and posters, stencil paintings and sculptures also occur. In both areas, there are a large number of gifted artists whose works are, in my opinion, worth dedicating a story to them.

In contrast, graffiti draws attention to itself through artful nameplates with a high recognition value. Graffiti serves primarily to mark territory. Joseph Pearce, for example, is of the opinion that graffiti can be 100% art, but can also be considered defacement or vandalism if a writing ("tag") is simply sprayed randomly on an old wall without any meaning. Most of the time, these forms of writing are illegal, especially in public places and on trains, for example. However, in almost all large places, this spraying is now accepted as a great, unstoppable culture. For each topic there is then detailed information based on the artwork. Just check back from time to time.

Since the Kiefernstraße in Düsseldorf is such a comprehensive work of art, I have dedicated a separate bullet point to it. Due to time-consuming editing and research, the individual houses go online bit by bit.

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It will be added gradually, just as I have time to devote myself to a topic in detail and with due care.

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