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Marion Anfang

street Art -  Marion Ruthardt/Germany

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On the 1st floor of the Seidenweberhaus we find a beautiful picture with a horse, more like a painting, by Marion Ruthardt. Artist info (...)

Annotation: When I visited again, I struck up a conversation with an elderly lady. I explained this picture to her as far as I could. When considering whether the horse would probably also be rolled over by the tidal wave or whether it is safe because it is part of nature, we came to no conclusion. After a moment's thought, she explained to me very confidently that where the horse was, the frame was still intact and that there was definitely a place where we could go to safety. Well, I haven't looked at the picture that way. But it was an interesting conversation, especially to see/hear how other visitors interpret a certain picture. So this art in urban space has already fulfilled its purpose.

Infos Marion R.

Artist information Marion Ruthardt

Marion Ruthardt:"The narrow framework is the framework of industry and civilization, which nature ultimately cannot hold. It will break out at some point, as can be seen from the floods at the moment. The horse is also a part of nature, which breaks out. And ultimately the more staying power, when humanity has already wiped itself out, nature is still there. All signs point to the fact that nature has really had enough now. So the ship has to be turned 180 degrees now. In my opinion, it will don't work."

Source: Marion Ruthard: personal

* * *

Marion Ruthhardt,born in Rheinhausen, was introduced to art early on, through a father who drew and the first art teacher, Volkram Anton Scharf. That's why she quickly switched to the field of nature and art after the classic basic education (high school, Abitur, higher commercial school). First she trained as a gardener in Kevelaer, near the city of Geldern, where an international street painting competition takes place every year. She only took part there for fun. Later, as an autodidact, she continued to develop in such a way that her passion for painting became her profession.

In Geldern she rose to the master class and won a number of street painting competitions in Italy, Bodenwerder and Wilhemshaven. First as a classic copyist - but for several years now only anamorphic images have been in demand. This leads to orders from all over the world. Together with the street painter Gregor Wosik, she created numerous XXL 3d pictures and even received an entry in the Guinness Book of Records with a street painting of 750 m². She also helped with the creation of an XXL Megalodon Shark in Florida together with many other international artists to set a new world record.

Since 2019 she has also been creating many individual works of art, which has given rise to new ideas and paths for her. Since then, to her great delight, there have been more and more commissions for facade and wall painting as well as for the design of electricity boxes, which helped her during the difficult time of the pandemic for artists and has aroused her interest as a new experience

Source: official information ofCity of Krefeld

You can find the newspaper report here:(...)

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