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In Edgar Müller's opinion, our imagination does not suffice to imagine the extent of our struggle for survival. For this reason, our actions and actions are inhuman. We disregard nature and The situation  refugees. In order to understand that what people do and/or do nothing ultimately also affects them, there will first have to be a big bang. Many of the global catastrophes are due to human misconduct, caused by greed for profit, materialism and the need for economic growth.  Artificial intelligence and the extremely fast-growing information technology that paralyzes free thinking, the Binds people's energy and threatens them with far too much unnecessary information in their natural being, is a sign that "his generation" has failed. It remains to be seen if anything will change.

Gregor Wosik, Mönchengladbach - One Wall, Two Worlds

Gregor Wosik/Deutschland - Down Town Gallery Krefeld 2019 ©Samara Blue

Gregor Wosik takes up the always topical issue of refugees. He depicts the situation as a parallel world. On the one hand there are the desperate people looking for help, whole families often with small children, who are looking for a way across dangerous oceans to a supposedly better world, on the other hand the sailing regatta, well organized, public , well guarded. Gregor enthusiastically used the partially dilapidated underground to recreate a broken atmosphere with his colors and hands. A closer look reveals the fine details that force me to look more closely.

Fabio Fedele, Rovigo, Italy - Unknown Psychodrama

Fabio Fedele/Italien - Down Town Gallery Krefeld 2019 ©Samara Blue

Darkness and gloom surround a bright center like a cave. This cave represents evil thoughts, violence and fear. Selfishness, superficiality and uncompromising adherence to ideological and/or religious principles appear frightening and threatening to people. The bright scene in the background with the happy girl playing with animals in a beautifully colored nature,  appears in bright light, thus representing good thoughts, love, tolerance, understanding and respecting the environment . The surrounding darkness seems to be overpowering and has a negative effect on us humans. But everyone has the freedom to determine their own behavior. Good thoughts can be a way out, out of the bunker. Actually quite simple. Even when threatening things and actions surround us, we have it in our hands to find the direction into the light, towards love, understanding and justice.

 Ruben Poncia, Uetrecht, The Netherlands - Reflex

Ruben Ponchia/Niederlande - Down Town Gallery 2019 ©Samara Blue

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With this picture, the artist wants to draw attention to the fact that there is still a danger from nationalism and populism. The tiger depicted represents wisdom, mystery and domesticity. He leaves the eagle as a symbol of the Nazis for nationalism and populism. Such a beautiful animal as the eagle, like populism, attracts people, embodies power. But nobody knows when he will attack. Out of his own concern, Ruben wants to draw people's attention to the dangers of nationalistic ideas. He appeals not to forget the consequences, which are sufficiently documented by history, and to be aware of what such slogans can do. The overpoweringly large and aggressively portrayed eagle makes the danger seem very vivid to me.

Victor Splash, St. Petersburg, Russia - Alive Surface

Victor Splash/Russland - Down Town Gallery Krefeld 2019 ©Samara Blue

The wall itself is the key element for Victor Splash. He lets himself be guided by the overall environment and wants to steer the visitor into his emotional world when entering the rooms. He perceives the  peculiarities of the space made available to him and integrates this into his artwork. Here in the bunker, he is fascinated by the heaviness of the concrete pillars, which he softens into softer, more flexible forms through his 3D representation.  In this way he seems to abolish the laws of architecture and construction and transforms himself without violence and aggression thickest walls and structures., Krefeld, Germany - clip open

Stressed.Es/Deutschland - Down Town Gallery Krefeld 2019 ©Samara Blue


The graphic designers Sebastian Saffenreuther and Clemens Brück symbolize the idea of protection with the help of brackets. With these brackets you can include or exclude things and/or influences. They connect the inside with the outside, one thinks: "Am I inside or outside? Am I under the protection of the bracket or is it more like a wall that hinders me?" It seems to be a question of one's own perception whether I perceive a situation as positive or negative.  It's my decision whether I get involved in a situation and maybe talk to other people about it. Similar to, for example, the intersections in set theory, I capture this work of art with a geometric feeling. Something that has been very familiar and vivid to me since school. They also use colour, form and composition in a playful way. The daylight that falls on the picture at this particular point reinforces the connection between inside and outside.

Adry del Rocío, Guadalajara, Mexico - A house to dream of

Adry Del Rocio/Mexico - Down Town Gallery Krefeld 2019 ©Samara Blue

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The artist from Mexico worries about the difficult living conditions in refugee camps. Can they hope for protection and a more comfortable life? Do they have prospects of a secure future, of a house to dream of? Already in her childhood, the artist was sensitized to this subject by her father. He supported street children in Ecuador, a problem that in Latin America is causing many families to leave their villages due to the drug wars. Her artwork is to be understood as an illusion of a happier, more peaceful world. The intense coloring and happy faces of the children depicted make it easy for me to follow the illusion, for a blink of an eye...

Alex Maksiov, Kiev, Ukraine - Shelter

Alex Maksiov/Ukraine - Down Town Gallery Krefeld 2019 ©Samara Blue

It depends not only on the person himself whether his head can offer humanity a protective space, but also on his environment. Both have an impact on the situation. The ceiling and floor hold the concrete head captive. It stands for a person who has lost all humanity.  This head can no longer offer protection to humanity that defective.  But_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ Everyone has to make their own decisions for or against humanity and thus protect their heads from external attacks. This work of art has a disturbing effect on me. I can't grasp it all at once. What is where? Where does it belong?

Alex Weigandt,TUBUKU, Krefeld - Last man understanding

Alex Weigandt,TUBUKU/Deutschland - Down Town Gallery Krefeld 2019 ©Samara Blue

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This scene, which depicts a bar, seems dreamily unreal. It stands in stark contrast to the life situation in a bunker during wartime. People, guests with heads made of lightbulbs, these may stand for thoughts and ideas. Alex thinks back to his student days and plays with the transparency of the colors used, creating different lighting situations and exposing his figures to different life situations. In difficult life situations, bars often become a place where you can get help or at least a distraction. Sometimes the visit ends in alcoholic free fall, which many a bartender, as a supposed friend, likes to support. But what is reality? who is my friend Do I have a "real" friend? How necessary are social contacts? ... and where can I find them during the Corona period? For me, this question is particularly explosive at the moment.

Maria Kudasheva/Russland - Down Town Gallery Krefeld  2019 ©Samara Blue


During the war, a bunker was a protection for the life and limb of the population, but for mutual support it was also a place where one was/was locked up . Are we really free today in peace ?  Maria wonders if you don't have your own prison in mind today, walls  built around to protect one's mind from the abundance of information and outside influences?  Rapid changes make it difficult for us to separate the important from the unimportant. Everything is in constant change. Can we come with you? What helps us keep track?  Your plain  person appears to be seeking this meditation.

iVann Garc/Mexico - Down Town Gallery Krefeld 2019 ©Samara Blue

iVann seemingly reverses the nature of war. With the little dark-skinned girl, his picture embodies the future of minorities. The soldiers, transformed into toys, stand for a possible peace in the world.  For iVann, his Jewish great-grandfather, who fled from Berlin to Mexico as a Jew, exerted a strong influence . He knew little of his German family history. Only on his trip to Krefeld, during a street festival, did he find out that his family with the name 'Hirche' was wealthy and well-known in Berlin. What would have become of him if there had been no persecution of the Jews? Again, the nonsensical nature of violence and wars becomes clear, but also the inevitability. A steady cycle of power posturing, greed for profit, intolerance and arrogance. It repeats itself again and again, such as the relationship between the USA and Mexico.

Floya Jam/Frankreich - Down Town Gallery Krefeld 2019 ©Samara Blue

Floya Jam posed for her niece in this beautiful color image. The little one plays peacefully and apparently completely relaxed in her own imaginative world. In her mind, butterflies fly freely around her. Floya Jam wants to express hope. Hope for a peaceful coexistence of all people. The sunflower in the background provides the vital light, symbolized by the little girl's peaceful face, which becomes the focal point of the magnificent blossom. The picture evokes calm in me as the viewer, lightness and peace. She describes this painting style, which is typical of Floya Jam, as improvisation in mediative painting flow.

Danila Shmelev, Moscow, Russia, Fragility

Danila Shmelev/Russland - Down Town Gallery Krefeld 2019 ©Samara Blue

Physical and psychological violence and aggression bother Danila (@SSHHOZZY). Hidden behind shredded paper, cardboard and plastic, an eye tries to find protection and security from just this. But paper offers no protection against these attacks. Danila himself was able to grow up without these bad influences, but he was not spared frightening examples. Achieving success through physical violence and aggression is possible, he says.  But that can't be the right way, even though many people experience it every day. I am very touched by this delicately designed picture. It was only during editing that the individual inadequate protective devices became apparent to me layer by layer. Details that I didn't really notice when visiting the gallery. This picture speaks later...

BeNer1/Deutschland - Down Town Gallery Krefeld 2019  © Samara Blue

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Carlos Alberto, Guadaljara, Mexico - A future that breathes

Carlos Alberto/Mexico - Down Town Gallery Krefeld 2019  by Samara Blue

A young girl looks proudly and powerfully, still innocently, into a hopeful future. It is meant to symbolize a new generation, more confident than the previous one, in tune with the difficulties of the present and a realistic vision of the future. The beautifully colored birds, individually rather weak and fragile, symbolize the strength that can emanate from a group. Applied to humanity, the desire for togetherness becomes clear here, without differences of origin. Hope for a functioning shelter earth.

Unfortunately some of the last pictures are missing. I wasn't able to look at them on the day of my visit. As a result, my report remains incomplete, the story does not find its end, at least not here. I hope to get another chance to look at the missing pictures.

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